Francisco Duarte

Covilha, Portugal

Waydip is a start-up that is developing Waynergy, a new technology to generate electric energy on the pavement, capturing the kinetic energy released by both vehicles and people motion into the pavement, and converting it into electric energy. This technology can be applied both under the actual pavement, or replacing it, and can be operated by both people and vehicles. The international patent of the system was already requested.

The amount of the generated electric energy is up to four times higher compared with competitive technologies, such as piezoelectric technology, and it can have up to five times less costs, which makes possible to have much faster paybacks on the investment.

There are three products under development to enter on the global market: (1) a solution to apply under roads, in places where vehicles have to slow down, such as tolls, motorways exists, roundabout entrances, gas station entrances, among others; (2) a solution to apply on speed bumps; (3) a solution to apply on building floors, to apply on shopping malls, airports, subway stations, among others.

The advantages for the customers are the cost reduction with electric energy, and the possibility of sell electric energy to the grids. In many cases, the customers can be self-sustainable on electric energy field reducing by this way a great operating cost.

Waydip is now testing this solution in different pilot plants, and the results will be ready by February 2012. After that, we intend to enter on the market with these three products, and continue the development of new applications for Waynergy technology.