Stroodle - Your social Pulse

Hannes Pardeller

Bolzano, Italy

Stroodle iPhone and Web-App – your social pulse is your intelligent compass that guides you through the network jungle! The social network aggregator brings your favorite networks Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn all into one simple interface and will become the easiest way for you to access your own personal web.

Through crossposts users can share content simultaneously in one, two, or all three networks with one click. By collecting data about users our goal is to create a social history and make the web personal again!

Our vision is to build a personalized web for every internet user!

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for every user to access personalized web information via one single access point!

Our objective is to create personalized access to content via user’s own cross-platform interests and social graph. We are building the basics for the technology with our social network aggregator Stroodle, which soon will enable people to filter their view through their social graph and network of trusted people.