Solite, Inc.

Wes Moyer & Izhar Matzkevich

Scottsdale, AZ USA

Solite commercializes a unique and innovative patent-pending solar lighting (daylight harvesting) solution that efficiently captures sun light via solar collectors, then transports and distributes the concentrated light to provide free, natural illumination indoors. Solite cleverly integrates such natural lighting with efficient LED lights, energy storage and controls to offer a highly efficient, compact and modular hybrid lighting solution that promises free lighting throughout day and night.

A typical Solite hybrid solar lighting product shall include (i) solar collectors (typically rooftop mounted), (ii) light transporters, and (iii) hybrid light fixtures. These products shall readily be installed in new building, or may be used to retrofit existing buildings with energy efficient lighting solution. Solite products may also offer attractive lighting solutions in developing markets where access to an electrical grid is limited or nonexistent.

Solite’s products do not require a conversion of solar energy to electricity as solar panels do. Nor shall they require multiple other intermediary energy conversion processes which may reduce overall system’s efficiency. As such, they shall perform an order of magnitude better than any commercially available solar technology. They shall further offer a considerably faster return on investment to our customers – projected to be three years or less, without having to rely on government subsidies, credits and rebates (the way solar panels still do).

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, Solite plans to distribute its product to, by and through a network of certified installers, among them building and electrical contractors and lighting specialists, who will market, promote, sell, install and maintain Solite solutions at customer sites. The Company has already lined up some such partners who have presence throughout the US. The Company is HQ in Scottsdale, AZ and maintains an office in Geneva, Switzerland.