David Metoyer

Scottsdale, AZ USA

All advancement and progress comes with a price; the existing methodologies for development are exacting a price that humanity can no longer afford.

reNature takes a unique and critical role in propelling society towards a more sustainable model by closing the loop on the nutrient cycle and reducing land fill waste. reNature will shift industrial waste management practices from an unsustainable linear process to a natural closed cycle that excels over emerging alternatives. The reNature process preserves the valuable nutrients typically burned off or buried by traditional practices. The reNature process takes aim at rising agricultural costs and addresses the concerns of Peak Phosphorus. reNature highlights a new direction. Rather than trying to bend nature to society’s will, reNature will accelerate the natural processes to the maximum efficiency level, lower capital startup costs, and differentiate itself in markets that other companies simply cannot afford to compete in.

The reNature process utilizes well established bio-reactor technology with some proprietary customizations to maximize efficiency over competing processes. By focusing on maximizing efficiency in waste disposal and value-added fertilizer production, reNature can out-compete existing technologies in most markets without requiring heavy subsidy or monopolies on waste processing. reNature technology presents a distributed waste disposal model that can turn around waste 10x faster than existing methods by not relying on market-specific and inefficient methane generation practices, or traditional and slow, composting methods.

The end-product will be sold directly to farmers, introducing strong competition in fertilizer markets. In addition to the benefits reNature’s technology can add to large scale agricultural production, the renewed focus upon purchasing locally grown produce provides an additional market incentive for reNature's technology.

reNature also creates permanent local jobs within the markets and municipalities it serves.