Quosap, Inc.


Jonathan Cheung

Oakland, CA USA

Quosap's mission is to facilitate the communication and transactions between contractors and vendors in the construction industry. Our online business-to-business service provides an efficient means for contractors to obtain and manage competitive and quality quotes from leading, pre-certified companies. Users always remain in full control of their specialized and unique quotes, selecting from relevant vendors recommended by Quosap or specifying preferred vendors. Easy to use filters paired with a robust built-in search criteria ensure users’ construction needs are met. Additionally, every quote is managed by a Quosap representative who confirms quote matching accuracy. Quosap’s goal is to provide contractors with competitive quality quotes and to help vendors expand their business.

Taking advantage of the latest internet technologies, Quosap utilizes cloud-based computing and industry-grade data security to ensure that the user experience is fast and secure. Quosap integrates its revolutionary approach to quote management with a familiar intuitive design that makes the process powerful and flexible. Automatic revision control, status updates, and threaded communication are just some of the features that Quosap uses bridge the gap between contractors and their vendors.