Pervasive Health

Paul Magelli

Naperville, IL USA

200,000 preventable hospital deaths, half of these due to hospital acquired infections; 1 million preventable injuries; and 1.5 million people harmed through medication errors each year just in the USA*. Research suggests only 55% of people receive the recommended care and that 30% receive unnecessary care*. These facts are a frightening reality, but unsafe, non-standard, and poor practice is prevalent among hospitals today harming a person every 20 seconds in the USA. Human error is implicated for 80% of these hospital errors, the majority of which could be addressed through better systems and processes*. A recent study from the Institute of Medicine reveals that there are inadequate systems to share and learn from medical errors, which impede improvement strategies. Clinicians are forced into futile attempts to share improvement practices in corridors*.

Pervasive Healthcare Solutions introduces the answer, bringing a global break-through with the potential to dramatically reduce preventable death, harm, and bringing safer and better practice to all providers. This solution can help save healthcare providers from today’s $19.5B in annual unrecoverable costs, lost each year due to medical errors**. The Pervasive Clinical Performance Management solution uniquely enables healthcare providers to deliver safe, superior and more affordable care, and continually improve it. Every single Internet connected healthcare provider across the globe can participate, reaching the same high standards of excellence.

The solution enables providers to deliver safer and better outcomes, by having full access to accurate patient information and global best-practices. For the first-time, healthcare administrators and clinicians can easily view clear and concise performance facts, immediately comprehending what is going well and what must be improved. It helps clinicians to adhere to standard practices, avoiding the huge variability in care delivery that people suffer today. With the Pervasive solution, healthcare providers can deliver superior health outcomes for people by having access to the best and most affordable suite of clinical applications, algorithms and pathways, all active with live patient data. As an example, clinical algorithms are available today, but disconnected from patient data. Pervasive connects algorithms to live patient data, turning them into indispensable tools to guide medical decisions.