Off Track Planet

Diego Saez-Gil

Brooklyn, NYC, NY USA

Off Track Planet will reinvent travel guides in the mobile and social media era. [video: ] The $ 268 Billion Online Travel Industry is being profoundly disrupted by the mobile and social revolution.

OTP’s application allow you to start your travel discovery on the web, and continue on your mobile or tablet, creating your own personalized guide for the road, accessing to our unique content. OTP was founded in NYC, by three young passionate travelers/entrepreneurs, from around the world: Freddie Pikovsky (USA), Anna Starostinetskaya (Ukraine) and Diego Saez-Gil (Argentina).

OTP is headquartered in NYC, and after being selected by Start-up Chile will install its Technological Development in Santiago. OTP has raised a Seed Round from experienced angels and micro-VCs from NY and LatAm, with which is enlisting an amazing team to complete the plans and jump to the next level.