Knock out!®

Angela Newnam

Washington, DC USA

In early 2009, Angela Newnam wanted a panty with more then just a pretty lace. She had an idea to bring high-tech fabrics to the world of panties. If Nike and other sport companies could introduce performance fabrics for comfort, why shouldn’t everyday undergarments perform, as well? So began Angela’s search for the perfect panty.

A textile family history, her own work experience and Angela’s purchase of a valuable textile patent, laid the groundwork for Knock out!™, innovative panties using patented NO TRACE™ technology. “The R&D process was extensive. We were combining two patents, based on natural technologies – everything had to be just right. It was successful because of the hard work of my dedicated team of American chemists and manufacturers. After a year of trial and error, we got it,” said Newnam. The technology, NO TRACE™, imbeds cotton with the desirable performance features of wicking, quick-drying and odor-absorption while maintaining the natural softness, breathability and comfort of cotton.