Yoram Nissenboim

Haifa, Israel

The solution includes 2 sets of applications. One for automatic synchronization between address books of Outlook, Google calendar, Tablet address book and Android address book. Two a VOIP dialer and call control for Windows and Android using numeric pad or address book.

The Android user will continue dialing from his standard address book with no changes. Android tablet users will use Android standard dialer as well. Windows users will dial using their Google address book synchronized with Outlook, if relevant.

VOIP data center enables low-cost worldwide calls. For example Call to landline UK or US is 2 cents. It includes a billing service.

Users register to the service and buy prepaid credit for calls. If they call from a mobile over 3G network they should be aware of the need of data plan (about 1MB per minute). The convenience of synchronized address book, using the standard dialer, using the caller ID of the mobile device and the low cost of the calls makes it ideal for consumers.

The solution is international. People can travel and as long as they have Internet access they can make low-cost calls even from their address book at the same cost as they pay at home.