Jody Presti

Leesburg, VA USA

Hiring managers in big industries like retail, grocery and restaurants will tell you that most job applications look exactly similar on paper and that the interview is the most important part of the hiring process. Turnover in these industries range from 70-200% and they are always hiring. Conventional job search is frustrating for 75M hourly workers in the US. Today, they search classified ads and submit the same information on multiple job applications over and over again.

With JobOn, job seekers record responses to common interview questions just one time, we save their First Impression and they use this to apply. Equally as important, because roles in one grocery store are similar to another, retailer to retailer and so forth, we list all of the opportunities in their neighborhood. Using business listings, classification codes we can map likely roles to each employer. For example, if a job seeker wants to work as a cashier, they can submit their First Impression to all employers with those roles in their community. Big problems like job search, trekking to and from the mall and back and forth for interviews on different days and different times are solved.

Hiring managers, store owners, restaurant franchisees are busy people. They work in the store and have no time to run an ad, review applications, schedule interviews outside of peak customer hours. Now, they log-in to their computer when the store is closed, watch as many First Impressions as they like and contact applicants on their schedule. So when the fry-cook quits at 5pm, they can interview a dozen applicants by 5:30.