gShow Development Ltd

Igor Karasin

Ashkelon, Israel

Our company is focused on sighted users with different types and degrees of visual disability. Our efforts are aimed at: a) processing of information already existing in electronic form, and b) creating information specifically intended for use by sighted people with visual disabilities.

Our first goal will be achieved by creating intelligent magnification, a method which differs from the standard (information-to-user) by reversing this approach: user requirements -to- information presentation. It will be protected with a patent application now under development. Particular attention is being devoted to on-line graphic games which currently are not accessible for low-vision gamers because of the strong time, even if players are able to perceive the necessary visual information. Our software will give them the necessary resources to respond in time and be active players, even in games of chance.

The second direction of iShow Development is to create a specific method for the presentation of structural textual and graphical information in a form most appropriate for visually impaired people having a wide range of impairment – from almost fully sighted until almost fully blind -- but who are able to perceive information presented in graphic form. This opens two avenues for further activity: creation of data specifically intended for presentation to the visually impaired, and development of a software engine for adjusting existing data for such purpose. Long-term goals in this direction are the development of uniform formats and standards for different text and graphic documents and web sites for increased accessibility for low-vision customers.

Special efforts of the Company are directed to the adaptation of its software for mobile devices where problems described above are significantly amplified.