HELIOS Innovative Technologies

Luis Romo

Syracuse, NY USA

HELIOS is a product based medical technology company focused on preventing the spread and transmission of deadly bacteria within a medical environment. Our products work using existing UV-C light technology to kill bacteria and viruses at 99% efficiency. Our competitive edge is the new, safe, and innovative applications of this technology in a ways that have never been experienced before. Our main focus is to design sterilization systems for health care institutions, laboratories, and public places. We want to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing safe and sterile environments.

My name is Luis Fernando Romo, a Biomedical Engineering M.S student and along with my two business partners Tags Niepa, a doctoral student in Chemical Engineering focused on infection control, and Nick Garritano a senior Industrial Design student, we make up HELIOS Innovative Technologies Inc. It has been a short 7 months that team HELIOS came together with a technology concept and in this short time we have made explosive progress. We were the 1st place winners and grand prize recipients of the New York State Business Plan Competition, which secured us $60,000 in seed funding this past April. From this we were able to incorporate our company, gain entry to a student start-up incubator that connected us with a large group of advisors, and prototyped one of our many patent pending products. In order to gather critical customer feed back, we have been traveling to the four major hospitals within the surrounding Syracuse area. As of October 19, 2011 Upstate University Hospital and the Veterans Hospital have both expressed interest in conducting preliminary testing on the S1 system. This will create validation for our device and will create positive demand for us to expedite the manufacturing of the S1 beta prototypes.