KARIBU Solar Power

Dar es Salaam



KARIBU Solar Power is an innovative enterprise that makes high quality solar lighting and mobile phone charging affordable. It produces a modular solar lamp: solar panel, rechargeable battery with mobile phone charger, and light – and employs an innovative business model that allows consumers to pay in small increments, just like they would for kerosene. This makes it affordable to the 500+ million Africans who do not have adequate access to light and energy—helping create a world where everyone has access to clean, safe and affordable light and energy. By providing Africa's most disadvantaged with affordable access to light and mobile phone charging, we are able to improve education and health, increase families’ savings and reduce carbon emissions. By leveraging micro-franchisees and local infrastructure, it creates new income for communities and provides superior lighting and mobile phone charging that is far more affordable than dangerous and environmentally damaging kerosene and alternatives.

Contact: Adam Camenzuli at adam@karibusolar.com