Zzzzapp Wireless ltd.




Zzzzapp is a Wi-Fi software content delivery platform that is designed to offer businesses and advertisers a "mobile first" way to showcase their goods and services to on-site customers using any internet connected mobile device. Zzzzapp users are instantly redirected to a a highly-interactive "welcome" page that features location-specific content and custom applications to keep them actively engaged an average of more than 40 seconds. For business and advertisers who want to reach on-site captive audiences, Zzzzapp offers a 24/7 opportunity to capture and monetize them via sponsored links, applications and/or display video advertising. Its metrics not only validate actual audience delivery but what time of day, how often, what language, what device, how long and more. Zzzzapp's beta site is the historic tourist city of Split, Croatia where it is currently generating more than 100,000 welcome page views/month. Its focus will be conference centers, duty free shops and other venues with high density captive audiences that top tier global advertisers want to reach.

Contacts: Robert Aronson at robert@zzzzapp.com