Teddy the Guardian




Teddy The Guardian is an individually designed and completely organic plush teddy bear that measures children's vital signs seamlessly as they play—in a way that is completely intuitive and interactive causing no stress or inconvenience for the child. Each Teddy has built-in medical sensors that monitor a child's heart rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation and send the data wirelessly to a physician’s tablet or web application. Every time a child gives Teddy a finger or puts Teddy’s paw on his forehead or hugs him, sensors detect values, record them and transmit in real time. The project puts together a long and rich Croatian textile industry tradition and innovative exponential technologies using state-of-the-art medical sensors and open-source platforms as well as web / mobile applications developed by the startup’s team and supported by an advisory board consisting of world-wide established experts in the medical industry.

Contacts: Ana Burica at ana@teddytheguardian.com or Josipa Majic at josipa@teddytheguardian.com