Rebecca Li

James Mak

Boston, MA USA

Genii aims to transform language learning through social games. We harness the viral power of social networks and addictiveness of online games to stimulate self-motivation, turning gaming hours into learning moments. Gamification can help break down learning into bite-size pieces which are less intimidating and promote a sense of achievement as one levels up.

After reaching thousands of teachers and learners in 123 countries with the beta of our first game VocabGenii, we are on our way to build the first language games aggregation platform. A cross between Khan Academy and games portal, this platform will aggregate a multitude of 3rd party games under a common set of monitoring tools as a total gamification solution for teachers and language learners.

This model helps solve problems on both supply and demand sides of learning games as pedagogic tools:

Genii will empower teachers with robust gaming tools: multiple game mechanics, customization options, and real-time monitoring and intervention capabilities that allow teachers to personalize each student’s learning. Student progress is tracked over time and can even be passed on to other teachers. In addition to offering a variety of game plays, this platform enhances individual learners’ motivation via social dynamics by integrating with social networks and also via real-life and virtual rewards.

On the supply side, leveraging economy of scale, we bring benefits to small game developers by extending their offerings and distribution. They become parts of a solution with higher perceived value that will be easier to monetize in this highly fragmented and conservative market. The revenues will in turn fuel development of more comprehensive features, benefiting the users in return.

Embracing web, mobile and social technologies, we at Genii have the vision to become a publisher of language learning games and play a significant role in disrupting education in digital age.