Free Bread, Inc.

Karen Freer

Brooklyn, NY USA

As of today, there is absolutely no fresh bread available to the large and growing population of New York City residents who are gluten-allergic or gluten intolerant. No grocery stores carry fresh, gluten-free bread, no food specialty stores or coffee shops line their pastry shelves with it, and no CSAs, greenmarkets or restaurants make it available to their guests and customers. Free Bread, Inc. will manufacture fresh, gluten free rolls of bread in four hearty, healthy, delicious varieties: Sourdough Cream Cheese, Jalepeno Cheddar and Buttermilk, Millet Oat and Flax, and Cranberry Pepita Sunflower Seed. Free Bread, Inc. will distribute these delightful rolls of bread to coffee shops and food purveyors around the city, making fresh, delicious bread available to people who've never before been able to enjoy it.