Kavita Shukla

Cambridge, MA USA

Fenugreen (www.fenugreen.com) is bringing to market a patented, all-natural material that addresses the massive, yet often overlooked global challenge of food spoilage (25% of world's food supply is lost to spoilage annually, costing over $450 billion). By keeping food fresher from "farm to fork" in a sustainable way while reducing transportation, inventory and energy costs, Fenugreen holds the potential to revolutionize the food economy.

Fenugreen is a proprietary, all-natural, organic formula made entirely of botanical extracts that extends shelf-life by 2-4x. The liquid Fenugreen formula is applied to existing forms of packaging (e.g., paper liners, cartons, crates, bags) or directly to perishables (e.g., fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, cheeses, flowers).

Fenugreen works by inhibiting bacterial/fungal growth as well as enzymes that cause food breakdown, and has about 75% the effectiveness of refrigeration without associated energy or infrastructure costs. Fenugreen is:
  • Effective – Decreases spoilage by 2-4x
  • Inexpensive – Simple & low-cost
  • Flexible – Adaptable to existing packaging/farming processes
  • Natural/Safe – All ingredients organic & edible (FDA GRAS)

In July 2011, Fenugreen launched FreshPaper™ an innovative, all-natural, biodegradable paper insert infused with the Fenugreen formula. Retailers, farmers and consumers simply place a small sheet of FreshPaper into produce bags, containers, or boxes (or line refrigerator/display shelves or berry cartons) to keep perishable foods fresh for 2-4 times longer.

Fenugreen, LLC was founded in September 2010 by Harvard and Yale grads, Kavita Shukla, inventor of Fenugreen, and Swaroop Samant, MD, who previously focused on retail consumer insights at McKinsey. Fenugreen has received international recognition for its potential to change how the world keeps its food fresh and save lives in the developing world, including honors from the Cartier Women’s Initiative, the MassChallenge Global Startup Competition, the Swiss Consulate, the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Harvard Alumni Association, the Lemelson-MIT Foundation and The Home Depot, among others.