Jonathan Gael

Los Angeles, CA USA

Ether2 will be the Dolby of data networks. Chip developers and network OEMs and carriers will have a free license (excepting the carrier backhaul application). We will charge a fraction of a point from edge and end-user device manufacturers. Ether2 will share revenue with code contributors to EcoNode (Ether2 Community Network Operators & Developers). Further, this community will pave the way to Ensemble Computing "where the wisdom of groups of devices still awaits us" (Intel Tech Journal, June, 2010).

While the big application is to let consumers have an economic high-definition broadband choice other than carriers and cable/satellite providers, the low hanging fruit is in local area networks. Specifically, "green field" network applications such as high data rate body area networks, scalable mesh networks in WiFi and 4G, the Internet of Things, and TV White Space. In addition to a multitude of publications and awards based upon our intellectual property, the latest is the BEST PAPER AWARD IEEE ICC 2011: "Energy-Efficiency Evaluation of a Medium Access Control Protocol for Cooperative ARQ," Kyoto, Japan.