Ellens Technologies, LLC

Jeremy Ellens

Brighton, MI USA

Ellens Technologies, LLC develops veterinary mobile applications currently for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Ellens Technologies is currently developing a Veterinary Differential Diagnosis application. This application assists veterinarians in the diagnosis of small animals by starting with a symptom and ruling out or eliminating possible causes while moving towards the root problem. To find a thorough listing of a differential diagnosis, a veterinarian must sift through multiple resources. These resources are limited to reference books, online websites, or colleague consultations. By making this information available on a smart phone or tablet device, the rule-out information becomes portable, diagnoses can be made quicker, and proper medical assistance can be rendered more expeditiously. In year three, Ellens Technologies plans to continuously expand our Veterinary Rule Out application as well as bring other useful professional veterinary apps to the vet market, selected from careful market research. We also plan on expanding to additional platforms such as the Android.