Dynamo Micropower


Jason Ethier

Boston, MA USA

Dynamo Micropower has developed a proprietary ultra micro-turbine architecture which will supplant conventional power solutions in the sub 10kW range. The Dynamo generator is 1/5 the size, has 5x the life, and 25% relative efficiency over gensets powered by contemporary reciprocating engines. In addition, micro-turbines are amazingly fuel flexible, enabling a broader reach over competitors. These features will allow the Dynamo engine to command an impressive price premium, while the unique architecture allows for highly competitive costs. We are targeting a niche within the growing distribute generation (DG) market. The DG market is expected to exceed $150 Billion by 2015 (CAGR 40%). We are targeting the power generation portion of the remote DG market, which will be nearly 400 Million (CAGR 45%) by then as well.

The implementation of remote DG is broad and varied, however there are many shared characteristics. Remote DG installations are in places where there is a need for power, but no power grid, and they are normally far away from inhabited locations. This means people must be periodically brought in to refuel and maintain these systems. For these systems this need for regular maintenance contributes to over 80% the cost of ownership.

The Dynamo generator—being based on turbo machinery—will require significantly less maintenance, while its fuel flexibility will allow operators to use the lowest cost fuel in their area. The combination of these two factors can result in a 5-10x savings in the cost of energy for many customers in certain applications.

Although we will start in this very specific niche—the small size and robustness of the Dynamo Turbine makes it competitive for other applications such as consumer back-up power and portable power—a significantly larger and more lucrative marketspace.