Talya Miron-Shatz

Jerusalem, Israel

CureMyWay offers a personalized adherence solution that leverages the human factor and dramatically boosts the effectiveness of adherence related products. CureMyWay has the potential to improve outcome in this multi-billion dollars fast growing market and to gain a substantial stake in it, by leveraging the company's Understand–Decide–Act (UDA™) mechanism.

CureMyWay's Understand–Decide–Act (UDA™) mechanism is a turnkey solution that ensures better medical treatment and a reduction of expenses. It does so by maximizing the delivery of medical and well-being information and comprehension thereof (Understand); by structuring patients' decision making processes, based on this information and the improvement of such decisions (Decide); and by creating interventions for better results (Act).

The UDA™ "Black box" is unique in that it gathers and analyzes information on the characteristics of patients, medication, and diseases. Its algorithms then generate content that is tailored to overcome objections, in a successful, predictable process. Based on analyzing thousands of academic papers and in-house projects, the UDA™ combines cognitive and emotional aspects of patients' interaction with medical professionals, medication, gadgets, websites and devices to dramatically increase understanding of information and adherence related cooperation.

CureMyWay's UDA™ solution is offered both to traditional care-givers: HMOs, hospitals, drug makers and distributers, and to new media players that develop medical platforms and enabling tools. It can upgrade existing products and services by being installed as an add-on application on commercial and noncommercial websites, as structured content for contact centers, as premium versions for gadgets, as an upgraded contact method for dispensers etc. The UDA™ further enables creation of new platforms and marketplaces under specific segments, diseases, age groups, media platforms etc.