Confident Governance

Bhavesh Bhagat

Leesburg, VA USA

Award winning Confident Governance® is the Social Cloud Governance™ Company. Our mission is "Democratizing the Business of Governance". Our products are developed with a simple goal in mind: to help developing countries, individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations achieve and maintain highest Ethical Governance and Risk Management standards across all spectrum of operations. Leveraging power of Cloud Computing we are on a mission to build products that are easily affordable for smallest enterprises and individuals needing to manage risks effectively to govern their lives and operations better and can scale to support largest organizations as well. Named as one of the GEW50 companies globally, GTRA calls us the “Best Cloud Solution” for their GovTek 2011 Awards. Northern Virginia Tech Council has nominated Confident Governance with their coveted “Hot Ticket” award in the Hottest Buzz 2011 category.