ChroKnow, Inc.

Larry Zana

Sam Rothstein

Pittsburgh, PA USA

ChroKnow Inc. brings unprecedented speed and efficiency to the design and development of controlled release medications and other microencapsulated products. The company's core technology encompasses patent-pending algorithms and proprietary software that hit upon a critical white space in the field of controlled release. Specifically these tools enable the study of multiple effects (parameters) in a controlled release system simultaneously with high predictive value thereby reducing trial and error experimentation, resource spend, and time to market.

ChroKnow’s core business model is to form strategic partnerships with emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In exchange for milestone payments and royalties, ChroKnow will provide these companies with custom controlled release formulations suitable for use in preclinical studies or Phase I clinical trials. These partnerships will also provide ChroKnow with feasibility data augmenting its initial in vitro and in vivo validation studies on novel chemical and biological entities. This commercial data will provide a strong foundation for expanding ChroKnow's business through the development of its own pipeline of predictive medications and licensable software platform.

Development of ChroKnow's controlled release business is supported by willing and expert commercialization and scientific teams. Financial and business support has been provided by a local technology based economic development agency. The inventors of ChroKnow's core technologies, Sam Rothstein and Steven Little, enthusiastically support the company in integral roles as consultants. With this strategic support and its computational technology, ChroKnow has the potential to be the most cost-effective source for controlled release available today.