Future Agro Challenge Paraguay

Challenger Paraguay | February 24, 2017
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It is with great pleasure that GEN Paraguay is able to announce the first edition of the FUTURE AGRO CHALLENGE PARAGUAY that had national repercusion.



Asunción, January 19, 2017

Future Agro Challenge Paraguay

It was held for the first time in Paraguay's Future Agro Challenge Paraguay (FACpy) competition.

Declared of interest by the by the National Secretariat of Youth and of Educational Interest by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Future Agro Challenge Paraguay is settling in Paraguay for the first time, incorporating a new trend in which entrepreneurs and innovations face national, regional and global challenges. FAC provides key tools and opportunities to help them grow their businesses and expand them into new markets.

Challenger Paraguay will offer the opportunity to compete internationally, representing the country and also becoming a positive symbol for future generations, stimulating the entrepreneurial ecosystem with positive role models. The competitions promotes the development of new skills, which also gives the possibility of exhibiting an international scenario for the winners, their teammates and their communities.

With this organization, we propose to carry out a competitive program to unlock entrepreneurial potential, creativity, foster opportunities, provide a platform for global dialogue, networks, ideas and solutions to the problem of alternative education, and to promote local government to consider the voices of people about success stories and participation. This organization will eventually lead to conversations and discussions between local government and the population to promote entrepreneurship in the country.

The industry focuses on education with a new proposal that is growing at an exponential pace with annual programs and strategic partnerships with key actors, including academia, the private sector, government and civil society. With the establishment of this organization in the industry, we bring a new range of opportunities that will impact education at the national level and have repercussions internationally. We innovate in the sector, differentiating ourselves from the competition, offering global opportunities and networks.

The global organization, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, seeks to promote events and fairs, an important part of any entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is why GEN Paraguay constantly disseminates them in its networks with updated materials of the sector that are objectives that can be achieved in these events. To increase knowledge, listen to experts, share experiences, find products and services tailored to existing needs, look for business opportunities, partners or customers are the driving forces behind GEN Paraguay.

The Future Agro Challenge is presented by ABC Color and the National University of the East and supported by 595 Valley, F6S, Google Developers Group, Women Techmakers, Youth Council, State Alumni Paraguay and Fullbright Paraguay, Synergica, Delicatessen, Doña Yola and Fichas de Mandioca.

This competition is organized by Challenger Paraguay and GEN Paraguay-Global Entrepreneurship Network Paraguay. It aims to provide opportunities abroad for the winner, generate networking spaces for entrepreneurs of all ages, from all over the country, in English, Spanish, Guarani and German.

The prize consists of a airline ticket and expenses paid at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress ( in Johannesburg, South Africa from March 12 to the 16th, 2017.

Paola Ferrario