Three German companies at the Cleantech Open Global Ideas Challenge in San Francisco

Sonja Alt | February 06, 2017
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The RKW Competence Centre has sponsored three German companies from the cleantech sector to participate in the international Cleantech Open Global Ideas Challenge in the USA at the beginning of February 2017.

The RKW Competence Centre, a nationwide coordinating centre for Global Entrepreneurship Week Germany (“Gründerwoche Deutschland”), selected the three companies in cooperation with the StartGreen Award. As the German champions, they receive assistance for their journey to the competition finals, which will take place as part of Cleantech Week from 7-9 February 2017 in San Francisco.

A total of 85 candidates applied for the Cleantech Open Global Ideas Challenge. Of the 14 finalists, the following three companies made it to the top – not only thanks to their business ideas, but also because of their focus on expanding their businesses to include international markets.

Hyperion Energy UG from Düsseldorf plans and builds solar thermal power plants that can produce electricity all year round at a low cost. The sun's rays are directed at a central receiver with the help of mirror panels. The resulting heat of up to 1000 °C can be accumulated in a specially designed system and retrieved to produce electricity when needed.

The proposal includes feasibility studies, support during the approval process, securing investors and industry partners, and project execution and supervision of power plant operations.

Interpanel GmbH i.G. from Crossen develops, produces and distributes ceiling and wall systems. For the first time ever, their modular systems, which can be integrated into existing or new infrastructures, enable long-lasting thermoregulation of surfaces without condensation. This allows for high-performance and hygienic tempering of building components.

intrapore UG from Essen can clean contaminated groundwater and soil with the help of nanoparticle and microparticle-based cleaning methods. The company is a consultant for remediation task forces, consulting companies and authorities both domestic and abroad, and it also plans the application of nanoparticles at the respective locations, supplies the particles and performs the application.

The Cleantech Open Global Ideas Challenge is a competition that takes place as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is organised by Cleantech Open Accelerator.

Sonja Alt